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For two generations, since 1955, the family of Francisco Gandia, is dedicated to the world of the vineyard. Cultivate about 35 hectares on farms “The Galtero”, “The catalyst” and “La Vega”, the three located in Vall d’Albaida, getting wines awarded the Acvlius, the CVP, the Rosa Rosae and Vall Blanca.

Strains of the House Vines are planted them four hundred meters average height above sea level, and are seated on soils from the area: white clay and limestone soils, contributing acidity and freshness. Available in trellis and its orientation from east to west, facilitate perfect aeration and good insulation of the clusters.

Outside Winery

Outside Winery

All these natural soil characteristics, together with the very best climate, with cold winters and hot summers with moderate rainfall in autumn and spring, allow proper development and maturation extraordinary grape varieties that have been selected for the development of agullentins these wines.

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The winery tour of the House of the Vines can see how the whole process step by step wine, from how it is done and multiplies a vine plant, until the wine is served in the glass. Visitors stroll through the fields of vines surrounding the winery, where you can see the different varieties and the alien. Then will enter into history, visit one of the old warehouses that remain on the farm and the traditional methods used in the area to make wine. Then in the cellar again, with the latest technologies, will explain the entire process of wine. At the end of the tour, visitors can sample wines at a tasting.
Visits to the winery are free.


Monday-Friday from 9am to 14pm and from 16h to 19’30h

-Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 14pm with notice.

In the cellar we have a shop where you can buy our wines.

In the months between May and August, inclusive, popular breakfast can be arranged.