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On two wheels

From Agullent to Ontinyent, Benissoda, Albaida, Agres or Alfafara, Alcoi or to the coast, our town is connected by many paths that reach neighboring towns. Ideal routes for lovers of mountain-biking starting from the Sierra of Agullent to many other destinations. You can find more information in specialized webpages.

Volta a Peu

Running tour

Running for fun or competition

In collaboration with the Athletic Club Agullent, the Running Tour of Agullent is organized during the final quarter of the year which is part of the popular racing circuit of the Vall of Albaida. Another opportunity to stretch your legs on the land of Agullent is the San Silvestre. For lovers of mountain running, Agullent has an extensive network of trails and roads.

Swimming in summer

Agullent has a summer swimming pool located in the sports center with excellent views to the Sierra of Agullent and Benicadell. During summertime, there are many introductory and advanced courses offered as well as other disciplines such as water aerobics.


water aerobics


One of the main attractions of Agullent is its natural asset. Agullent has two PR approved by the Territorial Valencian Federation of Mountaineering: PRCV-134 (Fountain Jordana-Fountain Baix-Agres) and PRCV-135 (Source Jordana-Alfafara-Cave Finestres). From Agullent also start several routes to other places like the water spring of Maciana or the water spring of Paje. The excursions towards water springs and natural places of interest are collected in the book “Routes in the Sierra of Agullent”, published by the council.
Besides the direction signs along the route of the PRs, there are also four panels which present the maps with the paths of the PRs  as well as useful tourist information and telephone numbers. It should also be noted that the route is crossed by the path of the Engineers.