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Sausages with character

Homemade Sausages

The use of pork for making sausages is an ancient practice in the hinterlands of Valencia and in general in the Mediterranean. Thanks to the heirs of the tradition of pork slaughtering and the personal touch of each master butcher, the sausage  and salami of Agullent have become a benchmark in the whole region.
With the necessary rest period and the extent of the species that give the distinctive touch, the local butcher´s offer sausages that faithfully follow the tradition of the homemade elaboration. On the palate, the meat products of Agullent make us relive the best tradition of homemade sausages. A great taste that denotes the passion of  traditional and homemade practices and the well done preparation.

Agullent Butcher

Agullent Butcher


Butcher Luis i Pilar

c/ Sant Bertomeu, 1
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Butcher Artesanos Guerola

c/ del Marquès, 3
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