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Organic Beer

Cerveza Artesana

Agullent welcomes a young cooperative of organic and artisanal beer marketed under the brand of Lluna. This is an unfiltered and unpasteurized beer with a higher proportion of malt and hop extract as well as antioxidant and healthy properties. All ingredients come from ecological agriculture and carbonic gas completely natural.

“La Bodega Artesana,” began her journey with the brand Lluna, and eventually achieved greater complexity of aromas which has given new proposals, including: Lluna Morisca, Bruna Lluna and Lluna Negra.

The facilities of Bodega Artesana are located in the industrial area of Agullent where all the necessary process is made to get the beer ready on the table: the transformation of raw materials (barley, wheat …) in malt, maceration, separation of the cereal from the wort; clarification and boiling, cooling, fermentation, storage, secondary fermentation and finally the bottling.

Beer Labeling

Beer Labeling

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